yakusinchiEarth is Yakusinchi Reserve!! – a stunning Wildlife and Nature Reserve in Cloud Forest in the foothills of the Western Andes in Ecuador.  Yakusinchi is working in the areas of cloud forest conservation, wildlife rescue and rehabilitation and tropical organic farming and gardening.  Yakusinchi welcomes volunteers and visitors with a profound interest in the well-being of nature.  Come and experience this extraordinary climate and terrain for yourself!! Contact us for details of volunteering, day tours and rustic stays…….learn more about the organisation...


yakusinchiReserve, Protecting an Ecosystem....
Our stunning land set in cloud forest in the foothills of the Western Andes near to La Mana.  Native forests, rewilding and the reforestation of 40 hectares with 23,000 native sapling trees.  There are trails to walk and trails to be built, waterfalls to search for and rivers and streams to explore.  Come and be part of the Yakusinchi experience – document species, document temperature and climate, map unexplored areas, enjoy birds like toucans and parrots flying excitedly overhead, humming birds hovering over tiny orchids.  Listen to the Howler monkeys welcoming the dawn and greeting the sunset.  Look for puma and ocelot footprints.  Catch a glimpse of a snake slipping out of sight.  Our mission is not just to protect all this exuberance of nature but to expand the habitat for all wildlife so that their future is guaranteed


yakusinchiWild, where all animals matter....
We act as a rescue and transition centre for Cloud Forest Wildlife and have a Rehabilitation and Release centre planned for 2013.   Monkeys, sloths, ocelots, armadillos, toucans, parrots, snakes, snapping turtles to name but a few!!  Do you love Wildlife? Do you have practical skills, even building skills?  Can you help design enclosures, nutritional programmes and enrichment behavior programmes for animals in rehabilitation?  Would you like to learn?? Come and make a difference – volunteers of all ages and skills needed.  Or come and visit the Reserve for the day and help support our work.


yakusinchiOrganic, growing in harmony....
We have the beginnings of a Botanical and Medicinal Garden waiting for your creativity and green fingers!!  Or come and visit for the day and see tiny orchids and a tree that exudes Dragon’s Blood or a huge-leafed plant that is used for roofing and for eating!! A vegetable and fruit garden is planned to sustain rescued and rehabilitating animals, birds and reptiles in the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release Centre.  A plantation of commercial wood and giant bamboo is planned for future sustainability of all Yakusinchi activities and, ongoing, is the care of our existing crops of bananas, yucca, maiz, cacao and forest fruits.  


yakusinchiVolunteers, be the voice....
WE NEED YOU!! We love having volunteers to come and work with us at Yakusinchi – it helps us immensely and each volunteer brings new inspiration to us and in return they have a unique experience that can create memories for a lifetime.  We need volunteers in the areas of forestry, gardening, wildlife rescue, building, trailbuilding, documentation of species and much much more.  Email jane@yakusinchi.com for further details and an application form.



funds and donations particularly
for the building of the
Wildlife Sanctuary – please give via
(info@rainforestconcern.org) and say
that the monies are to go to
Yakusinchi Reserve Wildlife Project



Forestry Volunteers
Organic Farming volunteers
Gardening volunteers
Wildlife Rescue volunteers
Building volunteers

Please email jane@yakusinchi.com for more information and for a volunteer application form


“As always, yakusinchi Wild thanks all of you for any help you can give on behalf of all wildlife everywhere - we can't afford to shut our eyes to the problems these animals face - without wildlife our future doesn't exist.........we need to save them in order to save the planet...Thank you, thank you, thank you! ” ---------- Jane

Yakusinchi is a South American Kichwa word meaning the “spirit of water” or the “vital force of water” and the name came to husband and wife Jane Sloan and Daniel Recalde as they were standing under the force of one of the many 25-30 metre waterfalls on their beautiful Cloud Forest reserve.

Surrounded by those waterfalls and the extraordinary watery and misty environment that is sub-tropical cloud forest, the idea was born to work long-term to protect this forest and its amazing inhabitants ranging from Howler monkeys to sloths to ocelots, toucans and parrots, armadillos, snakes, myriads of butterflies and insects and much much more.

Daniel and Jane are harnessing that strength of the energy of water into thought and using the positive power of that thought to bring people to make a difference on the Reserve – volunteers and visitors alike.


jane@yakusinchi.com or  info@yakusinchi.com

(+593) 985722377   or  (+593) 979316723

Facebook: Janesloan YakusinchiWild

PO Box 12-01-20

Yakusinchi Reserve
Puembo Chico
Near to La Maná
Cotopaxi Province
(On the Latacunga/La Maná road via Zumbahua and Pilaló – 5 hours from Quito by bus/truck)

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